This Ain’t Hollywood online casino is a site where you will find information related to the game of online roulette. It was created by its enthusiasts and is intended for lovers and people who want to try it for free. Here, you can play directly, without registration and without downloading a mobile application or software. Moreover, our team has created our own roulette game in European and American versions. In case you feel ready for a bigger challenge, you will find on our website links to some of the best casinos that offer this game for real money, along with a range of other thrilling casino games and titles to explore.

So, are you ready for a deep dive into the different variations of one of the most exciting games you can find in the casinos?

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Free Play vs. Real Money Roulette

Free Roulette has long since escaped the hearts of new players. But it is well known that everyone dreams of winning a solid amount of money. On our site, you have the opportunity to try roulette in a demo version and you can play it with real money. We will show you the advantages of these two variants:


  • Opting for free roulette means choosing a safe solution whether you are a beginner or a specialist in this type of game. If you are a beginner, by choosing a simulator, you will be able to better understand the rules and practice.
  • If you are a specialist, the free version will allow you to sharpen your playing technique or try a different variant, without losing money, since you play without making a deposit.
  • When playing free roulette, you get to know the casino, and its customer service and see the choice of games.
  • Sometimes you can get bonuses for free play, which heats up the interest in playing for real money.

Real Money

  • Real money roulette allows you to make money. It goes without saying that you won’t stop at free casino roulette.
  • In addition to making money, casinos will offer you bonuses to play with if you choose real money roulette.
  • Playing with real money, you can get acquainted with the methods of payments and deposits.
  • You will have more thrills with real money play than with free play.

The Best Payment Methods for Playing Roulette Online Safely

When playing online roulette for real money, you must make a deposit on the platform you choose. Here is a list of the most common payment systems used by French online roulette players:

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icon neteller
icon bitcoin wallet

MasterCard and Visa: These are two fast and secure payment methods that have been around for many years.

Skrill: This is an electronic wallet that allows you to make online payments without entering your bank details.

Bank Transfer: This is a safe way to make a deposit, but the processing time is quite long.

Neteller: This is also an e-wallet known for its reliability.

Bitcoin: The Bitcoin cryptocurrency payment method is becoming more and more popular. It allows the transfer of large funds.

icon paysafecard
icon neosurf
icon flexepin

In addition to this list, there are other payment methods such as:

  • Interac,
  • Neosurf,
  • Flexepin,
  • Paysafecard,
  • Sofort,
  • Giropay.

Online Roulette Variations

Some variations of this game are more well-known than others. This is really interesting since you won’t have to focus on just one game. If you find that you are struggling with one version, you can just try another.

On our site, you will find the most popular ones, namely the American, the European and the French. Apart from these, you may come across variants such as English and German Roulette.

american roulette wheel

American Roulette. With this version, you will notice an extra square on the wheel. This is the double 0 slot. The payouts are the same, but the casino odds are quite high.

european roulette wheel

European Roulette. This is the most popular variant as the odds of the casino winning are lower. The wheel here only has a 0 for the same winnings as in American roulette.

french roulette

French Roulette. In terms of advantages, the French type has the upper hand. It only has a 0 like the European roulette. What makes the difference is that at equal odds, any bets you lose are refunded at half.

There are other varieties of this game as well:

The mini-reel has only 13 numbers. As a result, it is particularly popular with beginners who are on a tight budget or who want to learn the game.

Multi-wheel has the same characteristics as the original roulette, except that there are more wheels. This means that if you place C$2 on a black on 2 wheels, you are in effect placing C$4 in sum. This version is considered complex and it can happen that you lose more money than you win.

The double-ball uses two balls instead of one, thus increasing the magic of the game and the various associated wins.

English roulette is operated like the French version. However, the number of players is limited here and each player is assigned a colour.

German Roulette is considered a combination of the French and English variants. The difference is in the chips. Their values are, in fact, facial. However, it is possible to change them.

Casino Roulette Rules

Before starting the game in a land-based casino, the dealer will say the words “Place your bets”. In online casinos, unless you are playing with a live dealer, you will not hear this phrase. You should know that the numbers on the wheel range from 1 to 36 and that there are just two colours, black and red.

To place a bet, you have several choices. You can opt for:

Obviously, the more complicated the choice for the bet, the higher the odds. A game ends when the wheel stops spinning and the ball stops on a number and colour. If you are successful in your choice, you receive your winnings directly.

Roulette table chips

Tools Used in Roulette

To play roulette, you need a number of tools:

The table: This is the first tool you need. The roulette table consists of a circular container. In this container, three rows are drawn. Each row is subdivided into 12 squares.

The wheel: is subdivided into 38 cells. 36 cells correspond to the numbers from 1 to 36. The two remaining spaces are for the number 0 and the double 0 (00). It is on the wheel that you will notice the alternation between the colours. A number in a red colour precedes another in black colour, and so on.

Roulette tools used

The ball: This is essential as it is the ball that is thrown when bets are made. Its final location indicates the outcome of the game and determines the winner.

Chips: These are the real money in the game of Roulette. The more you win, the more you accumulate, and therefore the more you win.

Roulette Game Systems and Strategies

The management of the bankroll is even more important as it is part of your playing strategy. There are several techniques for managing your bets efficiently.

The Martingale technique. This consists of doubling your bet on the next game each time you lose. This allows you to recover what you lost previously.

The Alembert technique. This is safer than the previous one. It consists of decreasing your bet when you win and increasing it when you lose. Note that the increased amount must be the decreased amount. If you notice that the number of your losses equals the number of your wins, you can end the game; you have made a profit.

The Fibonacci technique. Here you make your bets by adding up the last two bets. It is used if you have a large bankroll. Even if you lose more than you win, you can still win the game.

The James Bond technique. This is a technique that will cost you C$200, but author, Ian Fleming, says that it has a good chance of winning, so much so that he calls it infallible. For this gambling budget, you need to bet a total of C$140 on the numbers from 19 to 36, C$50 on the lower numbers (13 to 18) and C$10 on the number 0. With this strategy, you are sure to come out of this with a small amount of money, even if it is just to buy yourself a princely dinner.


What should I choose between American Roulette and European Roulette?

If you have a choice, it is ideal to opt for the European variant as you will have more chances of winning as here the casino advantage is less. However, the odds on American roulette are not bad either.

Is it possible to win at roulette by buying software?

No. To win at roulette, what you need to do is to use one of the game strategies we have suggested.

What can I do if I am addicted to roulette games?

If you are addicted to any kind of gambling, especially roulette, it is best to talk to your friends and family. They will find strategies, with the help of specialists, to get you out of it.

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