A BENIFIT FOR SONNY VINCENT (Fun Haus, Horror Business, Banana Spits, Get off the Cop)


29 April 2017 9:00 pm

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This Aint Hollywood

A BENIFIT FOR SONNY VINCENT (Fun Haus, Horror Business, Banana Spits, Get off the Cop)

benifit for sonny vincent april 29 2017

Hamilton musicians are pulling together to raise money for legendary 70's punk musician Sonny Vincents family. Sonny's family was involved in a gas explosion and fire in thier home last year. Sonny has been off the road and is taking a break from music as he takes care of his family on the long road to recovery. Please come out and have a good time and lets raise some money for a family that needs a little of our help. Tickets are $8 at the door with all money being donated directly to the family. There is also a go fund me page with some more details listed below.

FUN HAUS is FLESH RAG and Rufus From the NOBLE SAVAGES paying tribute to the legendary Detroit proto punks the STOOGES. Sonny previously had Ron Asheton is his backing band and was a close friend. 

HORROR BUISNESS is hamiltons longest running Misfits tribute band.

BANNANA SPITS is BANNANA CLIP taking on a set of punk rippers from notorious SPITS . Sonny also shared the stage with the Spits on a early 2000's tour across the U.S.A 

GET OFF THE COP are hamiltons damaged weirdo post post punk. 

There will also be DJ'S MDC and DONT TRY spinning wax for you all night long.

Price (including 13% HST): Price has not been set. Please call for details

Venue Location

This Aint Hollywood

345 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1B2, Canada

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