AUG 20 Kommissars - Human Nun - Max & Maxine Moon


20 August 2018 8:00 pm

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This Aint Hollywood

AUG 20 Kommissars - Human Nun - Max & Maxine Moon


/\/||| Kommissars ||\/\
Post-Punk/ Deathrock/ Noise 
buds from Sudbury, for fans of Black Baron, etc. Don't miss this crew!
Guitar / Vocals -D.Quail 
Bass / Vocals - K.Ormsby 
Drums / Synth - D.Kelly 

/\/||| HUMAN NUN ||\/\
No Wave/ Noise/ Punk - Hamilton
From the ashes of Poorage, Human Nun was freshly birthed - similar streams of shifty weirdness were quickly demon-strated. 
Members other projects: Man Made HillLizzy BoredomGet Off The CopSenseiConcavity, Toilephant, etc, etc, etc!
Manny Manteau aka Randy Gagne was beckoned by the 3 ex members of Poorage to saddle up behind the bash machine! Drew Taylor plays his guitar (with self destruct strum triggered strings it seems) and spews some vocal chunks into a microphone, Danielle Ouimet picks up a guitar and yells like a lovely banshee, and Beth de Jong picks up her bass guitar (by the neck) and told the microphone where to go not so nicely. They morphed into some kind of mighty strange, improvised no wave/ noise/ punk creature of shoulder vibration delight. 

/\/||| MAX & MAXINE MOON ||\/\
Noise/ Experimental/ Explorations - Hamilton
Be prepared to have your brains expandead, malk beated in, and scrambulbed - who's hungry??
Sounds Spewer - Joshua St. Denis (Pucumber Sasssquash Family BandSCRAPHEAT, etc)
Sounds Oozer / Vox - Kecky Batz aka Becky Katz (Sourpussy, Glasseyelashes)

DJ FLYPAPER (Rufus F. Hickok
rippin all that no wave and punk delight all night

8pm, $6


Venue Location

This Aint Hollywood

345 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1B2, Canada

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