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Cormac Figgis

Cormac Figgis


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Cormac is a Hamilton based photographer, illustrator and art director from Dublin, Ireland. He has lived and worked in Dublin, London and Amsterdam, and has worked as resident photographer for numerous venues, clubs, promoters and festivals in both Ireland and Europe. He's photographed many bands and recording artists for PR, editorial and album releases.

Cormac played bass with Ireland's longest running punk band Paranoid Visions, recording and touring extensively in Ireland, UK, Europe and US. He has also worked extensively with performer/composer/producer Daniel Figgis (Virgin Prunes, Princess Tinymeat), performing at Symphony Space on Broadway NY, National Concert Hall Dublin and Wexford Opera.

Juliana LaChance Arts | visual, musical, artisan, healing and ...

Juliana LaChance ( is a Hamilton based painter specializing in original acrylic, multimedia art of animals, flowers, cultural arts, abstracts and icons. Her paintings have been exhibited and her work can be found on instagram, facebook, tumblr, youtube and prints purchased on etsy.

Over the past three years she has also written and recorded three solo albums, and is currently working on her 4th LP to be released in 2015.

You can listen to her music through the link to band camp or on her you tube channel.

She works in a small, cozy studio where she records, creates and paints her heart out in Hamilton, ON.

How You Doin' Hamilton? by Ric Taylor

rictaylor busIn Your Face! Part One

A visual love letter to the people and music of a city Ric Taylor has called home all of his life, How You Doin' Hamilton? In Your Face! Is the first installment in a visual retrospective of some of the music this broadcaster, journalist and photographer has helped document over the last twenty-five years.

The show encompasses never before seen photos from the likes of Teenage Head, the Forgotten Rebels and Simply Saucer to Jackie Washington, Tom Wilson and Feist to some of the city's most important new bands the Dirty Nil, Harlan Pepper, the Dinner Belles, Monster Truck and dozens more... all from Ric Taylor's personal collection.

We love all of the photographers that come to This Ain't Hollywood and help capture some of the magical music we have in this club... Ric Taylor's been doing it for decades around the city and well, we can safely say The Saint experience might not be the same without him.

How You Doin' Hamilton? In Your Face!
Part One
This Ain't Hollywood --- October 10th to November 3rd
Photos by Ric Taylor
Produced by Melissa Marchese



Sarah May Taylor

The Crazy Project by Sarah May Taylor

anna crazy 

The Crazy Project is a photo project dedicated to reducing stigma about mental health.

We are capturing portraits to tell stories, raise awareness, and help create a more inclusive conversation around mental health. Each participant courageously recognizes that mental health affects ALL of us.

Our stories support the millions of faceless and voiceless Canadians who battle mental health issues every day of their lives. Everyone has a story. What's yours?

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strange2Kinga was born in Poland in 1982. She has been enjoying long winters in Canada for last 13 years.

She studied Illustration at Sheridan Collage and now she is working as a graphic designer. She likes collage and mixed media techniques.

Kinga is studying Transformative Mindfulness Methods and Nonviolent Communication and she hopes to integrate this into her work.

Commissions are welcome.

phone number: 905 690 4885
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bernie Hudecki

bernie hudeckiArtist Statement: “Vive la femme!” The walls of This Ain’t Hollywood are aglow with pointillistic renderings of the female nude celebrating the form that is uniquely female and recalling the style that is forever impressionistic.

I like the classic mosaic look of some of the paintings or are they modern pixels per inch? Old meets new in one image.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Facebook – Bernie Hudecki Art

Bernie Aceti

aceti     click for full imageOn exhibit from December 13th, 2013 to January 9th, 2014

Bernie Aceti (Bernadine Avsec) was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She majored in Visual Arts at Cawthra Park School of the Arts. She later attended Sheridan College in Oakville and studied Interior Design. Bernie moved to Hamilton in 2004. From this date until recently, she has been commissioned to paint mostly family portraits. Bernie mainly works with acrylic paints, but also has experience in watercolour, oil, pencil, pastel, chalk and ink drawings. Bernie has recently started to show her work publicly and is now attempting a wider variety of styles and subjects.

Bernie is happily married and has two beautiful, fun loving boys.

Commissions welcome.

Cornelia Peckart

saint art2July 10 to August 10, 2013

Neat, No Chaser

Optically entertaining flask sculptures
The Spaces Between Us

A series inspired by an evening at This AIn't Hollywood and regular commenting to Toronto.


Jesse-Lee Wolter

wolterOn exhibit in October 2013

Jesse-Lee Wolter. Born German in Hamilton 1972. Gratuated Emeritus from D.V.S.A 1996. Attended O.C.A.D 1996-1998. Drawing and Painting Major.

Lived and worked in Berlin Germany 1998-2013. Commercial Media,Databank Administration,,Trend sports Article development and design.

Owner/Sole Propreietor of Smog Town Skates in Hamilton 2013. The show displays glimpses of the original Artworks amongst the works produced between 2010 and 2013 in custom made skateboards wich are privately owned objects shown together entirely for the first time...






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