THE DIODES with Gordie Lewis (featuring Dave Rave) (8pm)


13 September 2015 8:00 pm

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This Aint Hollywood

THE DIODES with Gordie Lewis (featuring Dave Rave) (8pm)


The Diodes (original 1977 line-up)

with special guest
Gordie Lewis (of Teenage Head)
featuring Dave Rave (The Shakers, Teenage Head)

A rare screening of the 1977 film, "Crash'n'Burn" 
featuring The Diodes, Teenage Head, The Dead Boys,
and The Boyfriends.
Filmed in its entirety at the legendary Crash'n'Burn club,
Toronto, during the punk summer of 1977 by indie film-maker Ross McLaren. This film is not available commercially and can only be screened in its original 16mm format.

Diodes and Crash'n'Burn club manager Ralph Alfonso will
introduce the film and give a short overview of that era in
Toronto rock history.

In addition, there will be an exhibition and sale of 1977 punk photography by Ralph Alfonso (Ramones, Diodes, Teenage Head, Patti Smith, Viletones, Damned, Stranglers, Blondie, Talking Heads, etc).
Memorabilia, vinyl, cds, shirts, books and DVDs will also be available (including The Last Pogo Jumps Again DVD).



The Diodes


The Diodes jump-started punk in Toronto with pioneering concerts at the Ontario College of Art and the creation of Canada's first punk club, The Crash'n'Burn, which became a showcase for the leading bands of that era (including Teenage Head).

As the first punk band signed to a major Canadian label (CBS) in 1977, The Diodes benefitted from a media presence and touring regime that helped open doors for punk across the country.

The international clout of CBS got the Diodes lp released in the UK, France, Holland, Germany, Australia, and the USA (where it sold 10,000 on import). When the re-united Diodes toured Italy and the UK in 2010, they were met by fans who'd waited 30 years to see them.

In 2016, all three Diodes lps will be re-released in vinyl form by the prestigious re-issue label, Storming The Base.
A deluxe vinyl box set will include a bonus disc of rarities and out-takes.

Meanwhile, Time/Damage, the Italian vinyl lp of The Diodes live at the El Mocambo 1978, will finally get its digital and cd debut later this year.

The original Diodes are: Paul Robinson (vocals), John Catto (guitar), Ian Mackay (bass, vocals) and John Hamilton (drums, vocals).
On these dates, John Hamilton will play keyboards (recreating his album parts) and John Andrew (ex-Kingmaker, from the UK will be on drums (John toured with The Diodes in Italy).


Gordie Lewis

Gordie Lewis has always been the quiet heartbeat and rock'n'roll soul behind the iconic Teenage Head (, a Canadian rock juggernaut that continues to this day (the band recently celebrated 40 years at the Phoenix Concert Hall) with a legacy of gold and platinum albums and indestructible hits like "Let's Shake", "Top Down" and "Something On My Mind".

Over the years, Gordie Lewis has stepped out on his own in various capacities (special guest, musical host, guitarist with Tongue Fu); culminating in a solo venture that re-unites him with former Teenage Head rhythm guitarist/vocalist Dave Rave (also from The Shakers and a successful solo career), that allows him the creativity to explore his rock influences to the delight of both old
and new fans alike. A debut solo album will be released shortly; and already creating a buzz amongst
those who've heard a preview.

Gordie Lewis is joined on stage by Dave Rave (vocals), Gene Champagne (Killjoys) on drums and Paul Cameron (bass).


Ralph Alfonso

Ralph Alfonso has been the glue in the background of the Toronto 1977 era; championing the bands and the scene as a journalist (Bomp!, New York Rocker, Cheap Thrills), photographer, club manager, book publisher (the ground-breaking Treat Me Like Dirt history of Toronto punk by Liz Worth) and commentator in various books, documentaries, etc. 

Ralph is a former record label executive at Attic Records (he was there when Teenage Head was signed to the label), Warner, EMI, Nettwerk, and his own acclaimed Bongo Beat Records; in addition to a career as a musician/poet with Top Ten College Radio cds as leader of the garage rock jazz group Ralph (an offshoot of his fanzine Ralph, Coffee Jazz and Poetry). Ralph currently runs an art gallery/performance space in Montreal called BBAM! Gallery that shares the same DIY ethos of the Crash'n'Burn club (and the same cashbox, actually).


by Ralph Alfonso

When I was approached by Enzo Petrungaro at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, he wanted something special; not the usual by the numbers rock show. He asked me about our Crash 'n' Burn club and evoking that spirit.

The club itself can never be recreated because it was of its time; a club that was built, created and run by The Diodes and friends in the scene. Longevity was never an option.
It was born spontaneously and extinguished instantaneously

But the energy and and sense of communal solidarity still runs through those of us who created it, who were part of it, and in my case, slept there after everyone went home.

During the 2011 Hamilton Music Awards, we had the opportunity to hang out with Gord Lewis and renew old friendships. As a fan, I had always thought to myself, it would be great to somehow do something together with Gord Lewis and John Catto - these are the two main writers/sonic architects of each other's bands; they share so many common influences - it would be amazing to see them on stage together!

The last time Diodes guitarist John Catto and Gordie Lewis were on the same bill together was at CBGB's in 1977. Altho they've known each other, they have never jammed together until now - be prepared for some real rock'n'roll as these two distinctive and individual guitarists blast off. It's only taken 38 years to make this happen!

So, when Enzo asked me about the Crash 'n' Burn - I thought why re-create when you can create something new.

We're all friends. We've all been through the same battles.
Let's share the energy of our experiences and blow the roof off the joint.

Venue Location

This Aint Hollywood

345 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1B2, Canada

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